Dear Deh-dy…

Dear Deh-dy,

We overhead Mommy talking to her friends the other day. And she said you’re not like the other dads. 

  • She said that you won’t babysit us.
  • She said that you’re bad at tracking when it’s ‘your turn’ at diapers or cleaning up the kitchen.
  • She said that you don’t read us stories before bed. 
  • She said that you rarely make us dinner at night. 
  • She said that you keep us away from her sometimes and that other times, she’s the one that leaves work to pick us up from school.
  • And she said that you don’t even take us to Daddy & Me play dates.

You do so many things different from the other dads. And Mommy notices. And we notice. And science people notice. They even think that because you treated us different, that we’ll be different from the other kids too. And sometimes that’s just how luck works.

Sometimes you lose, but sometimes you win. And we hit the jackpot!

  • Thank you for spending every minute you can with us as special Dad time; even when Mommy can’t come too. It’s extra cool that “Daddy raining” time has built us a reputation in hot and humid Singapore with our double running stroller!
  • Thank you for teaching us that there’s no need to keep score, that it’s everyone’s job to help out with the house so that we can all play more once the laundry and dishes are done.  
  • Thank you for trying so hard to tuck us in every single night, even though we act like werewolves. We will always love you more for the flying game, though. Don’t worry! It’s just that at bedtime…. Mommy has magic.
  • Thank you for managing all the grocery shopping so our helper can have dinner ready. And for not only making us breakfast every morning, but for taking the time to sit down and enjoy it with us before you go to work. Someday we will back in America with a deck and backyard where you can teach us your grill master skills for dinner too!
  • Thank you for taking Mommy out on dates without us. You always have so much fun and so do we; even getting to watch movies some nights!
  • Thank you for dropping us off at school every. single. day! And even though picking us up is your favourite thing, thanks for letting Mommy do it sometimes too!

And someday, when we’re big and you’re an old grandpa, we hope we can be exactly like you. Except we hope Daddy & Me will actually be a thing so awesome Dads like you don’t have to feel silly with all the Moms. 
Someday, Dad, we’ll be able to tell you how truly thankful we are that you weren’t like the other dads. 

Until then…. Do it “‘gain!” (and don’t forget to remind us about that time we talked with a British accent…..) 

Love you!

“He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” ~Clarence Budington Kelland


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