In case of emergency, break glass.

Everyone has had *that* day.

Why is he yelling?
What is that smell?
How on Earth do the three of you think were all going to fit through this A330 aisle together?!?

While for most people that won’t have anything to do with your average business meeting or the sweet sweet aroma of durian, some of us might call that day: a random Tuesday.

And sometimes the only thing that will fix *that* day is *that* place. I thank my parents for mine. I was raised on ‘The Water’…

After a long day at the office, a glass of Malbec & 52nd floor view of Indonesia tends to do the trick.


And following a week in China, Brisbane feels like Heaven.


So after you’ve figured out what can cure an emergency, I highly encourage breaking the glass the next time *that* days shows up – even for 5 selfishly worth it minutes. Because a 6am Monday morning meeting with a latte and the sunrise makes for one hell of a week!!!


“The cure for everything is salt water; tears, sweat, or the sea.” ~Isak Dinesen


Where to now?

If I’ve learned anything in the last 31 years, it’s that making plans is both crucial… and futile. And I don’t mean that in an Eeyore don’t-bother kind of way. I just mean that in a you-better-not-freak-out-when-life-doesn’t-go-as-planned kind of way.

Because it usually turns out so much better!

15 years ago, I thought MI was a far away and exotic place to move to. I’ve since lived in 7 cities in 4 countries, and am on the verge of needing more passport pages. Life turned out so much better than I planned.

8 years ago I graduated with both engineering and business degrees. And am now working on strategic development for a new insurance market for all of Austrailasia for a Fortune 50 company. Hadn’t planned on that one either.

1 year ago we celebrated purchasing our first home in TN. This week I’m finally getting unpacked and moved into a new 52nd floor condo in Singapore!

There’s a lot in those years that took some planning… like travel logistics to make sure you don’t get lost in some foreign new country or saving time to study and get a degree in between pitchers of long islands. (sorry mom!)
But all of the exciting parts came from embracing the unexpected and new and different and saying ‘shit… sure! why not?’ 🙂

This blog, the one that I’d planned on starting 4 months ago when I first moved, is for those parts. The new and exciting ones.

And it starts today.

Maybe because that whole better late than never rule applies, but maybe also because I leave for a work trip to Macau and Brisbane/Gold Coast in the morning!

Dear self – make time for something new and awesome this week! Thanks.