Where to now?

If I’ve learned anything in the last 31 years, it’s that making plans is both crucial… and futile. And I don’t mean that in an Eeyore don’t-bother kind of way. I just mean that in a you-better-not-freak-out-when-life-doesn’t-go-as-planned kind of way.

Because it usually turns out so much better!

15 years ago, I thought MI was a far away and exotic place to move to. I’ve since lived in 7 cities in 4 countries, and am on the verge of needing more passport pages. Life turned out so much better than I planned.

8 years ago I graduated with both engineering and business degrees. And am now working on strategic development for a new insurance market for all of Austrailasia for a Fortune 50 company. Hadn’t planned on that one either.

1 year ago we celebrated purchasing our first home in TN. This week I’m finally getting unpacked and moved into a new 52nd floor condo in Singapore!

There’s a lot in those years that took some planning… like travel logistics to make sure you don’t get lost in some foreign new country or saving time to study and get a degree in between pitchers of long islands. (sorry mom!)
But all of the exciting parts came from embracing the unexpected and new and different and saying ‘shit… sure! why not?’ 🙂

This blog, the one that I’d planned on starting 4 months ago when I first moved, is for those parts. The new and exciting ones.

And it starts today.

Maybe because that whole better late than never rule applies, but maybe also because I leave for a work trip to Macau and Brisbane/Gold Coast in the morning!

Dear self – make time for something new and awesome this week! Thanks.


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