50 Sunsets

I once heard an idea that said that slowing down allows for speeding up. Think downshifting in your car.

So I’m going to make a concerted effort to slow down. And to track it, watch sunsets. 50 of them. Got that idea from a good friend (Thanks ST!) in Nashville.

This should take 50 days. In theory….


Day  86ish………………….

  Day 80 – baby brother’s wedding reception
    day 76 – driving home from my favorite fish place; Wendt’s on the Lake
   day 74 – morning boxing session
  day 73 – jet boat river ride  day 72 – out on the lake
 Day 69 – escaping the haze for home

    day 64 – Some people’s sunset is another’s sweat session
    Day 62 – kites at the barrage
 Day {61}:  Watching the sunset in Manila  

Day {}:

Day 58: morning run along East Cost Park

Day 54 – facetiming the 4th of July fireworks back home

 That’s FIFTY!

Day {44}:

Day {43}: Marina One is making progress

Day {42}: Lucky 13

Day {41}: All lit up red and white for SG50

Day {40}:

Day {39}:
Day {38}: The Sunday night pizza tradition continues

Day {37}: Beerfest Asia 2015

Day {36}:

Day {35}: Private dinner on the beach in Phuket

Day {34}: May 17 – Walking home from the da Vinci exhibit with. Grandma W’s first sunset in Singapore.  

Day {33}: Evening stroll with Gma and Gpa R!

Day {32}: Best sunrise ever….. 💕💕

Day {31}: April 2015-  Last evening walk before becoming a mom. (@ 40 wks)

  Day {30}: 

  Day {29}: Helping baby arrive… Sunrise in the stairwell.   Day {day 28}: Relaxing night by the pool at home. 


Aug 2
Aug 3

July 25

July 26 – day 21



Day 11: July 2 – Futsal game!! Saw the sunset. Right in my eyes. As I was trying to play!! 😉


Day 10: July 1 – new month deserves a morning breather. Tuesday sunrise from home.


Day 9: June 30 – another beautiful night at home.


Day 8: June 29 – missed the sunset during my much needed massage, but did score a sunrise during my run this morning instead!


Day 7: June 28 – 44th floor view to the Marina with live music coming from the party down on the Promontory.


Day 6: June 25 – Taking a break from cleaning… View from the ground up.


Day 5: June 24 – Welcoming an old friend to her new city!


Day 4: June 23 – From the comfort of my own balcony. 🙂


Day 3: June 22 – Home sweet Sunday night stroll with my toes in the Singapore Straight


Day 2: June 21 – Flight from Shanghai to Singapore


Day 1: June 18 – Shanghai, China
(Can’t see the sun set from the hazy hotel, so evening skyline will have to do. Off to a strong start!)


. .


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