What’s for dinner??

After 5 months in Singapore, I’ve gotten better at identifying chicken vs fish when it comes to the cafeteria at work. The food is always pretty good, I’m just glad I don’t have to be the silly foreign girl asking – what is that? – to everything. It’s progress and I’m pretty proud of that.

But to put it on a spectrum… Singapore is “Asia-lite” and China is full on “Asia”. Food is no exception.

My favorite meal over here is steamboat or hot pot. Pick your broth/soup and then boil your favorite spattering of meat and veggies in it til they’re done. Yummo!


Hungry yet?

But not all meals are created equal. And it’s no surprise that I reverted back to my what is that? trick for lunch today.

Would you dig in?


The long skinny plate on the left is pig ear
The boiling pot in back is bull frog
The plate to the right with the spattering of greenery with it is cow tendon
Surrounded by other assortments of leafy or otherwise greens and seshuan mushrooms….

I tried them all (I will never think of stretching my tendons after a run the same ever again) but mainly filled up on the shrimp, spicy veggies and these:


It’s some dish they swore was really good pork. And it was served with this yummy sweet bread, so I stuffed my face with what I convinced myself were bacon sandwiches.

And they were great! I’d chance it again.

But the best part of meals in China is that you can always count on watermelon for dessert!


And that there will be way too much food for the group to finish.


Sad part is that no one takes a doggie bag for the mountain of left overs. Oh wait…. I guess I didn’t really want one either.

All the bacon sandwiches were gone.

“My favorite animal is steak.” ~Fran Lebowitz


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